My approach to coaching is designed to strengthen your inner self ~ for stronger outer agility and creativity.

Where you go in your career next contains many possibilities. We are all deeply creative and contain a multitude of options...

if we will only stop long enough to listen to the voice inside. 

If you are a leader, executive, entrepreneur or in any field where your creative imagination is required, you're in our sweet spot. 


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From VP to the C-Suite, I've worked with some of the most intelligent executives in the world and have learned as much from them as they have from me. I often cross-pollinate those ideas to find original ones that work for you. Our work together will be swift and accelerate your performance.

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I have founded and lead a technology startup myself, I've learned that leading a startup is immensely challenging in that every mistake is an expensive lesson and personal growth is more rapid as a result. I am committed to helping others take the leap to realize their dreams too.

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I have studied the creative process for years and invented a psychological model, Tilt365, which is designed to develop whole brain creativity and give you powerful insight into how your process works or gets stuck. Then, enables you to expand the  creative output of your endeavor or team exponentially.

Step 1

A Discovery Day All About You


After coaching for many years, I decided to re-design the way I approach the process of coaching leaders and entrepreneurs. I thought about what I would like most and decided to start with a blank palette to design an awesome approach to differentiate our offering based on what today's leader really needs most. Where I landed is this: I can help you best if I learn about your personal and professional story first. If I hear about the most important influencers in your life, and listen to the life defining moments that makes you who you are, then I can help you so much more. So, I designed a Discovery Day to begin our work together. It's ideal if we meet in person, but I've also done this online. We'll do several exercises that help you surface and clarify what's most important to you. Then we co-create a plan using a mind map and work from there. This creates a bond between us that enables trust and rapid acceleration of your goals. 


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When I better understand your context and story, I can help you identify your inner strengths and potential.
— Pam Boney, Executive Coach

Step 2

You, me and a white-board.


I have spent many years in the trenches, both as a senior leader in a large corp and for the last 12 as an entrepreneur that made the leap to launch two startups successfully. This means I understand your world and enjoy strategizing with you about your goals and plans. I have seen the power of visualizing your story and plans using mind mapping techniques and will help you clarify the optimal path to reach your goals. There is no better way to release energy than to help you clarify a way to focus on the top three bold moves that will differentiate you and your offering rapidly. 

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We will map out your career trajectory, your values, your resources and eliminate energy draining distractors to radically focus your energy on your bold moves.
— Pam Boney

Step 3

Your plan, designed by you, for you.


I totally get how you are already extremely busy and active. So am I. We will figure out what mode of connection works best for you and will design how we work to fit your style. I use a mixture of mediums. At first we will ideally meet face-to-face, then transition to Zoom online calls mixed with emails and text depending on what's going on. I only take a limited number of clients each year, so I can be there for you when you need me most. You'll be able to reach me quickly and count on me to devote my attention to your needs and growth opportunities as they present. 


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Step 4

Measure success in real time, anytime, along the way.


I don't believe in personality tools that put you into a box and tell you that you're stuck with them, so deal with it. Yet, I do believe that your unconscious personality patterns will make or break your results in your life. What to do? Understand the hidden power of traits that are productive or counterproductive and evolve yourself. It helps to get input from trusted others or establish a personal board of advisors to make this process feel safe and positive. I will set you up with a year long subscription to Tilt365 Suite of Tools. This unique set of tools based on positive psychology, allows you to drive your own evolution over time and teaches you how to evolve yourself over time, one thing at a time. You can collect observations about whether your positive influence is shrinking or expanding in a variety of contexts over time. You'll be able to ask others you trust for instant, real-time feedback to help you grow self-awareness. Then, we will employ habit-change methods to tweak or alter the habitual patterns wired into your brain so better results naturally start to unfold. This will enable permanent change in your behaviors and results for life.

The Tilt 365 tool gives you a dashboard to track your evolution over time - kind of your own place for doing your work and seeing yourself grow with objective measures that are observable by you and others in a wide variety of situations. 



You are so much more than your personality. That’s where your identity begins, but your inner character strengths determine who you become...
— Pam Boney
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